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About the team at Berkilau Crystals


About Our Mission

We endeavour to source only the highest quality ethically produced products worldwide. We love and have a passion for crystals and understand that excellent quality is essential when offering a product to a potential customer.

We will consistently deliver when it comes to quality, presentation and aftercare.

About The Team of Founders

About Kellie Berkilau Crystals



Hi! I’m Kellie.

Pre Covid I was a 9 – 5 office worker with a passion for crystals. During the following two years of the pandemic, I watched the daily Covid press conferences and kept a close eye on the infection rate, patiently waiting for the borders to open so I could take my previously booked vacation to Bali.

In December 2021 I decided to take 12 months’ leave and travel. It was no easy feat. From Melbourne to Singapore to ten days quarantine in Jakarta and on to Bali.

With my friend in tow we began to explore the Island and all, it had to offer. We made some local friends along the way and used their local knowledge to find ourselves a Silversmith.

Most days and nights were spent on the beach, fighting waves, tanning, sipping on coconuts, tossing around ideas and watching the sun go down.

This is where Berkilau was founded and our new venture begins.


Hi! I’m Kat.

I have always had a fascination with crystals from an early age. I began to collect and learn about them more as I grew up.

My dad has been spiritual most of his life, teaching me everything he has learnt from his own journey. Slowly in my teen years, I followed suit and began my own spiritual journey.

Throughout the years I have I wandered back and forth with spirituality, falling in and out of love with it. I found myself always gravitating back and working with crystals, especially throughout one of the world’s worst pandemics.

I went through some major life changes and within that time I went through my second spiritual awakening.

Crystals have always been a big part of my life, helping me heal myself and overcome the blockages life has thrown at me.

Working with crystals has always been my calling and that’s why I am one of the founders of Berkilau Crystals.

About Kat Berkilau Crystals


About Joanne Berkilau Crystals



Hi! I’m Joanne.

The world of crystals was introduced into my life 3 years ago, through collecting for myself and my daughter.

All my working life I have been employed in the retail and customer service sector. I always thought I was fine with that but the pandemic I think made us all sit back and really think about what we wanted in life. Really prioritise that. 

My children are now adults and they are navigating their own way in life, now it’s time for me to navigate my life again.

For the two years of the pandemic, I have never worked as hard in my life. I put all my energy into this part of my life because it was all I could do. The silver lining of this was that it finally gave me the financial freedom I desired to shape my future.

When the borders finally opened at the end of 2021 I decided that 2022 was going to hold a different path for me. 

I have spent half my time living and working in Melbourne and the other half of my time living in Bali. This time away has given me the clarity to have a better work/life balance. 

The realisation is how all of us came up with our business that is Berkilau Crystals


Customers love us

A selection of lovely reviews about their experience.

My order arrived so quickly and the packaging was done so well, the product was exactly the same as it looked on the website. I will order from here again soon. Thank you.
I wasn’t sure about what to expect but the quality of my crystals is really good, I’m happy with my order, and I’ll order again soon.
I ordered one of the pendants for my Mum for her birthday and she just loved it! Thank you Berkilau Crystals you made the experience so easy.


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